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    Welcome to QuZhou KingKong Machinery Co. , Ltd.

    Pressure Vessel

    • 1992

      founded in 1992

    • 50000+

      Modern workshop of 50000+ square meters

    • 100000+

      Annual output of 100,000 + various pressure vessels

    As holder of ASME “U”&“UM”, PED 2014/68/EU Module H & H1, GB D1 & D2 designing and manufacturing certifications, we've become one of the world's largest pressure vessel manufacturers. With over 500 qualified personnel, including about 50 technicians, and more than 300 various sets of facilities, we manufacture all kinds of air receiver , oil-gas separators, heat exchangers and adsorbersfor various industries including ORC power expander, mining, water, gas and refrigeration etc.

    Customized Air Receiver

    According to application scenarios and customer needs, pressure vessels with various media can be designed
    Non-standard service flow

    Hot Sale

    All products support CE/ASME/EAC/DOSH certification