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                        Welcome to QuZhou KingKong Machinery Co. , Ltd.

                        Company profile

                        Quzhou KingKong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a sales branch with Kaishan pressure vessels as the core.

                        Kaishan Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. always adheres to the business philosophy of "reputation first, customer first" and the development strategy of "based on domestic and global expansion", and guarantees high-quality products and service with advanced production equipment, complete testing methods and strict system control.

                        Mainly manufactures heat exchangers, oil and gas separators, various filters for screw expansion power generation systems and air conditioning and refrigeration systems, air receiver for mining and industrial compressors, screw air compressors, oil and gas separators and compression for other gas machines and gas after-treatment equipment.

                        The company can produce various types of non-standard pressure vessel products according to user needs, and can undertake products certified by other countries. For example, the gas storage tank for train brakes required by Westinghouse ASME, and the oil storage tank with the EU CE certification.


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