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                        Welcome to QuZhou KingKong Machinery Co. , Ltd.
                        Air Cooled Refrigerated Air Dryer
                        Product introduction

                        Air cooled Refrigerated Air Dryer

                        Working Index of Air Cooled Refrigerated Air Dryer 

                        Inlet air temperature: ≤45℃

                        Cooling method: air cooling

                        Pressure dew point: 2~10℃

                        Intake pressure: 0.6~1.0Mpa

                        Pressure drop: ≤5% of working pressure

                        Normal Temperature Air Cooling Type

                        Normal Temperature Air Cooling Type.png

                        High Temperature Water Cooling Type

                        High Temperature Air Cooling Type.png

                        Our Refrigerated Air Dryer support ASME/CE/DOSH/EAC Standard.