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                        Welcome to QuZhou KingKong Machinery Co. , Ltd.
                        Heatless regenerative adsorption dryer
                        Product introduction

                        Heatless regenerative adsorption dryer

                        Working condition and technical index

                        Inlet temperature: 20~45℃

                        Air intake oil content: ≤0.1PPM

                        Working pressure: 0.6~1.OMpa

                        Design pressure dew point: standard -20℃

                        (Can provide -40℃/-70℃ products)

                        Regenerative gas volume: ≤14%

                        Desiccant: standard activated alumina, low dew point product

                        Activated alumina and 5A molecular sieve combination

                        Regeneration method: no heat regeneration

                        Working mode: Two adsorption cylinders work alternately and continuously

                        Work Cycle: T=10 minutes

                        Power supply: 220V/50HZ control mode: microcomputer automatic control

                        Technical Parameter

                        Heatless regenerative adsorption dryer.png

                        Our Heatless regenerative adsorption dryer supports ASME standard.