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                        Blast regenerative adsorption dryer
                        Product introduction

                        Blast regenerative adsorption dryer

                        Working condition and technical index

                        Inlet pressure: 0.6~ 1.0mpa

                        Intake oil content: 0.1 PPM

                        Air inlet temperature: ≤45℃

                        Cooling water pressure: 0.2-0.4mpa

                        Designed dew point at normal pressure: -40℃(optional: -60℃)

                        Cooling water temperature: ≤32℃

                        Regeneration gas consumption: ≤2%(gas consumption) or 0(zero gas consumption)

                        Handling capacity: 20-300 Nm3/min

                        Operating cycle:

                        20-50 Nm3/min4h

                        60-100 Nm3/min6h

                        Above 100 Nm3/min for 8h

                        Technical Parameter(zero gas consumption) 

                        Blast regenerative adsorption dryer.png

                        Technical Parameter (with gas consumption)

                        Blast regenerative adsorption dryer(1).png