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                        Oil-water separator
                        Product introduction

                         Oil-water separator

                        The Oil-water separator is a compressed air purification product that does not require a built-in filter element. 

                        It is installed at the front of the compressed air filter to protect the filter from a large amount of liquid pollution from the gas storage tank and conveying pipeline. 

                        Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, long service life.

                        Maintain more than 99% of the liquid-water separation effect.

                        With accessories automatic drain, imported material level gauge and small hand row.

                        The maximum working pressure is: 1.6MPa.

                        Maximum working temperature: 80℃.

                        Minimum working temperature: 1.5℃.

                        Pressure difference: 0.007MPa

                        Oil-Water Seperator size table.png